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Why don't you keep items in stock? Why are your products made-to-order?

There are actually a couple of reasons. First, a lot of our items are custom so it would be impossible to keep that many combinations in stock. Second, we are a small family business that is run out of our home and we do not have the space available in our home for a large inventory. We do try to keep several of our smaller popular items in stock at all times. If it is not possible due to high demand, we will work as quickly as possible to get some back in stock.

The item says it's out of stock and to "Preorder." What does this mean?

As mentioned above, we try to keep a few of these items in stock at all times but sometimes we will run out and have not been able to replenish the stock. You can still go ahead and order the item. The item will become a made-to-order item. We will begin processing your order as soon as we get it. For most items, we will have them finished in 3-5 business days depending on the current active number of preorders. For items requiring stain or oil based topcoats, that time may be pushed back a few days depending on environmental conditions preventing these finishes from drying quickly.

I was just at one of your vendor shows and was interested in an item. I noticed that the item costs more on your website than it did at the show. Why?

We always offer discount pricing at our vendor shows because they come with less overhead costs than selling through our website. Also, many of our items on our website include personalization which is not available at our vendor shows. To receive these discounts, come out to see us at one of the many vendor shows we do throughout the spring and fall! Make sure to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages so you can keep up-to-date on our vendor show schedule!


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping throughout the United States. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping outside of the US but we do ship worldwide. Our items will typically be shipped using USPS or UPS and typically arrive to you within 2-5 business days.

Will you notify me when my item has been shipped?

When your item ships, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to follow your item until it arrives.

My item was damaged during shipping. What do I do?

We are not responsible for any damage that is done to the item during shipping. All shipped items will include enough insurance to cover the cost of the item. You will need to file a claim with the carrier and order another item. If this does happen, we will give you a 10% discount on your second order to help with the trouble.

Item Assembly and Maintenance

Will my item arrive assembled?

This depends on the item and delivery method. All items picked-up and delivered will be fully assembled. Some items will be shipped assembled and some will need light assembly. All items requiring assembly will include instructions on how to do so.

Will my item require any maintenance or care?

Some of our items will require light maintenance or care to keep them in their best shape for as long as possible. For example, our cutting boards will require periodic oiling to ensure the wood doesn't dry out. Any items requiring maintenance or care will include instructions on how to do so.


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